A little while ago a minister in California predicted that the world was going to come to an end on May 21, 2011.  When I first heard of this, I thought to myself here’s another crack pot who has misinterpreted what the bible has said about the end. This is not the first time someone… Read More

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, New York, the one thing I never saw my parents do was make mistakes. It seemed that all of their decisions were perfect and always correct. It was not until I grew up and had my own kids, that I realized being perfect was not a requirement for… Read More

There are times, despite how positive I want to be, that I’m in a very negative space.  When this happens I do my best to try to pull myself out of it. The first thing I look at is to see if I am in the condition of HALT. (The acronym means Hungry, Angry, Lonely or… Read More

For all positive parents the most important item that they could have for their kids is their expression of love.   From the time when our kids are born we create an infinite amount of ways that we can show this expression. In the beginning we do all that we can do to make sure that… Read More

One of the lessons that my parents, as positive parents, taught us was that the family must come first.  I can remember when my sister and brother and I were very young, they didn’t let anything come in between our family.  They always stressed that if one ate, we all ate. When we went shopping… Read More

As a positive parent one of the most important things I encounter is finding a way to communicate with my kids. The means through which we talk to each other has changed a great deal since I was a kid. In those days (the 1950’s through the 1970’s) the only communication tools that were available were our giant… Read More

As a positive parent, I feel that trustworthiness is an important quality I want my kids to possess. The definition of trustworthy is: deserving of trust or confidence; dependable; reliable.  One of the things that worry me as a parent is how trustworthy will my kids become. Everyone wants their children to be useful members… Read More

As a positive parent, I feel that health care for my kids is very important.  There’s nothing worse than having one or two sick children in the house. Their sickness can spread through a house like wildfire, attacking everyone in its path.  It can take weeks to get everyone back to good health.… Read More

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. This year went so fast. It seems that it was just yesterday that we were starting the year 2010. The reality is that it was over 365 days ago.  It seems that as I get older, time moves faster and faster and the year 2010… Read More