20160723 140605 e1505691926311 169x300 POSITIVE PARENTING   MY LIFE IS CHANGEDThe process of being homeless had really changed my life. Never in a million years did I think I would be in this situation.

While I was in the shelter, I think I had it better than most. My bed was in a corner of the room. My area, on two sides, had a 4 foot wall. My bed was on one side of the wall. I had a locker that was about 3 feet wide. Often I would sit on the side of the bed with my phone propped on a shelf and watch the movies or television shows that I recorded.

Although I was in a room with 27 other guys, the position of the wall kept me somewhat separated from everyone else.

My routine every day, in the evening, was basically the same. When I got to my bed, I would take my shower, write my daily post and then watch the television shows or movies that I saved in my phone. Curfew was 10 PM and I designated that time for my bed time. The shelter administrators do a head count sometime after 10 but I usually was deep in LaLa land by that time.

I would get up to use the bathroom during the night. There were some nights I would be awakened by a fire alarm. There were periodic fire drills. Sometimes a loud drunk would come into the dorm and wake everyone up. Some who didn’t work had a hard time recognizing when it was a good time to party.

Despite what was going on, I always put my life in God’s hands. While I was in this place I knew I was not in control and I also knew I would need special help to put this situation behind me.

I’d like to share two posts that I wrote. These were from two days.

9-1-2016 Thursday 169th day homeless

This is a very late start for this post. It’s 6:42 PM. I’m on the B train on my way to 59th Street where I’ll change for a C or A train. One of my transit apps said there was a delay on the L train because of a signal problem at Livonia Avenue. I hope that by the time I get to 14th Street, the problem will be cleared up.

Today was a very good day. I got to talk to you a little longer than usual because you had to go to DC to get Nayda. I’m glad she is doing OK.

I got a little over an hour of overtime. I had won $25 on a scratch off and I decided to use some of that money for lunch and dinner. I had a ham sandwich for lunch and I went all greasy for dinner by having chicken wings and French fries from a Chinese restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue. Both were delicious. I enjoyed every bite.

It’s 7PM and I’m on a moving L train. This is a good sign that the signal problem has been solved.

This L train is very crowded. I wonder if this is due to the earlier issue.

I made it back home without any drama. I quickly jumped into the shower and it felt good getting the dirt off of my body.

It’s 8:31 and I’m tired. I’ll watch one if my shows and go to bed.

Thanks for being my friend.



9-3-2016 Saturday 171st day homeless

It’s 7:11 AM and I’m on the platform waiting for the L train. I had to go back because I thought I left my small ear thing in my locker. When I reopened the locker, I could not find it so it may be in my bag.

Its 7:35 and I’m on the C train. I thought I would be late looking for the ear thing but it looks like I’ll be OK.

It’s 5:12 PM and another good day is coming to a close. I got my half hour of overtime doing an extra building that I like to do.

My phone has been getting storm warnings all day. I’m glad the weather held up. I don’t like working in the rain.

This was overall another good week and I’m glad I’ll have a couple of days off. Next week will be short due to the holiday and court on Wednesday.

It’s 5:31 and I’m on the L waiting to get moving. Making dinner should not be a problem. I’m very tired and I will be very happy to see my bed.

I made it upstairs around 6. I put my stuff in my locker, took out the surge protector and headed downstairs to eat. Today we had cheese ravioli and mixed vegetables. I enjoyed the meal. When I finished, I headed back upstairs to begin my search for that darn ear thing. I figured it had to be on the shelf where I keep most of the things I regularly need. My initial search yielded nothing. I cleared out half of the shelf and still nothing. I saw no need to go any further so I proceeded to the next shelf. There I keep my underwear, tee shirts, socks and my hand washing soap. I also cleared it half way but there was still no ear thing.

The last time I misplaced this item, I found it in with my dirty laundry so I headed there again. Still no ear thing!!

I then moved over to the other side of my locker. There I keep my shirts, pants, my backpack and my suitcase. That’s when it hit me. When we finished talking last night, I put on my sweats and headed downstairs to sign for my bed. I didn’t take the phone with me. I still was wearing the ear thing and as I approached the door out of the dormitory, it beeped to let me know I was getting out of range from the phone. I removed it from my ear, turned it off, put it in my pocket and that’s where it has been all this time.

It’s now 7:23 so I’ll put on my not list anymore ear thing and call you.

Thanks for being my friend.



These were two average days at the shelter.  Most of the guys there worked so we all basically followed the same schedule which was wake up, go to work, come back and repeat.

These posts were written as daily letters to my friend LadyJDutchess. She has been a good friend and I thanked her for that and I continue to thank her today.

I learned a while ago that God would never adandon me. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. I also learned from a television minister that by saying to myself, “We are in Christ and all is well”, would help keep me centered and remind me that God is in control.

I’m the guy whose glass is always ½ full.


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