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It’s now the end of April and I’m still wearing my winter coat. I was hoping that since the first day of spring on March 20, I could start putting away my winter gear and begin looking for those darn shorts. You know I put them away, I just don’t remember where.

My mantra is that I am the guy whose glass is ALWAYS 1/2 full. Positivity is what I live by.  I don’t like to complain but I’m ready for the warm weather to start. We did have a few days when it seemed like we had turned the corner but we went right back to the cold. Yesterday I considered putting on my long johns. I had not yet put them away in that spot that I won’t remember next year.

There were even some towns in the tristate area that had some snow fall. There wasn’t much accumulation but it seems that we are at that time when this should be over. The month of May is about to begin and if we don’t get some consistently warm weather, I may organize a petition, start getting signatures and send it to my congressman.

The one thing nice about living in the north east is the change of the seasons. I look forward to each one.

The summer is the peak of growth. The sun is high in the sky and all the flowers are in full bloom.

The fall means that everything is slowing down. We get one more chance to fire up the grill and we can get ready for a new school year. Our minds are open to learning.

The winter means that the year is coming to an end. The most important holidays of the year are during this season.  I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and The New Year. The thing I have issue with is the weather. This past winter has been the hardest it’s been in a long time. Although a few snow storms passed us by, it seemed that this was the coldest winter I experienced in a long time.

Spring is here and we have come full circle. Spring is like the New Year.  There are new buds on the trees and new grass growing in the once barren fields. The new growth means it’s time for change. Some of us get new spring clothes. Some try to kick bad habits.

I am ready for the weather to change. I’m ready to put away my winter clothes. This means that I’m ready for the warm weather. It has to expose itself. Today, 4/26, it’s supposed to be in the 60’s. This is a good start for the week.

My three boys are one year older and I think they all are moving in positive directions. Wendell Jr. will be 32, Deshawn just turned 21 and Jonathan will reach 11 next month.

It seems that each New Year means that my parental role changes. I am slowly moving from a teacher to a motivator.  Each one is at that point where they know what’s right and what’s wrong. My goal now is to keep them motivated and help them to find what road they were made to travel on.

Wendell Jr. has a good idea of where he wants to go.  Deshawn and Jonathan are still searching.

I feel it’s important for everyone to find their niche. Finding that skill that God put in all of us is a vital part to living happy and fulfilled lives. I don’t believe that everyone is given the same skill set. I think that is also the reason why God has made each of us so different.

I think I have found mine and I hope that it shows in my writing.

I have some new/old things I want to do this year. I hope I will be able to expand my creative flow. There are a lot of things going on between my ears.

One thing I will not change and that is my determination to stay as far away as I can from gossip. Just recently I have had the opportunity to see what this terrible monster can do. It’s a shame that the originators of gossip can’t see the hurt they cause. Perhaps they do know and just don’t care.

In any event, I will do my best to not be in attendance when this monster appears.

Tomorrow, 4/27, the weather is supposed to be similar as today. It will be in the 60’s and cloudy. I think I can live with that as long as don’t have to put on those darn long johns. I will, however, keep the petition, just in case.

I’m the guy whose glass is always ½ full.



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