On my birthday, which was November 19, a CD was released by Kasim Keto called “Long Car Rides”. Kasim is a family friend and I’m very happy that his years of hard work are starting to pay off.

Babygrande Records has seen his vision and has agreed to throw support behind this 17 track collection of instrumental music.

Since getting my copy, I have not been able to put it down. Even though the title is “Long Car Rides” and I don’t own a car, I have found that this CD has made all my travels enjoyable.

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift this CD would make a perfect choice. Go to ITunes now and buy “Long Car Rides”.

We have one more weekend before Christmas. I usually wait until the last minute to buy because I feel that the best deals are available as we get closer to December 25. My kids are big with the youngest being 9. They are well aware that I’m Santa and that I will go to great lengths to make this, as I do on all the other Christmas’, special.

I do have three grandkids all under the age of 6. So I will look forward to hearing how they enjoyed their holiday with all their new toys. I feel very blessed that I have my kids and grandkids to enjoy.

There are some positive parents who will not get the chance to enjoy their kids. Their kids were lost as a result of being victims to shootings. Some of these incidences took place in their schools. Others were killed as a part of a random act by a crazed individual.

These shootings took place all over the world. Crazed gunmen are not limited to the cities in the United States. They are everywhere.

The debate over what should be done is one that has been going on for many years. Some say there should be more gun control. Some say that certain weapons should be banned.

I don’t have an answer. Although I do consider myself opinionated, I have no idea what could be done to stop all these senseless shootings.

There is, however, one thing that I could do as my part to help put an end to this madness.

Many of you know that I don’t believe in Santa but supposed I’ve been wrong all these years. Suppose there is such a place as the North Pole and he lives in a condo complex with all the elves. He could house the reindeer on a special farm not far from the complex.

I mean this does sound reasonable, doesn’t it?

What I could do is pack a bag of warm clothing and go up to the North Pole to see Santa.

I know what you are thinking. Why should I travel so far to see the man in red suit? I could go to one of many malls and see him there. I even saw a Santa in a mall right within walking distance to my house.

Those Santas’ are not real. If one did exist he would be still at the North Pole. He would be working his buns off getting everything ready for his great trip on Christmas Eve.

No. No. I think I could make that trip. We have 10 days left. That’s where he is.

Ok my bag is packed and I have my copy of “Long Car Rides” synced on my cell phone. I’m ready.

I’ll head to the airport and catch the first thing moving.

As I come out of the clouds, I saw a small city with a factory built right in the middle of it. That’s where I will find the man called Santa.

As I approach the factory huge doors open. This shop is completely union. I know that because a man with a name tag identifying him as the shop steward walked over to me to find out what I wanted. When I told him I wanted to see Santa he rushed me to a large room where Santa was working. Although he was not wearing his red suit, he had that white beard and you could see from dirt on his cheeks that he was hard at work getting ready for his big trip.

He walked me over to a corner of the room and I started to tell him why I was there to see him. I told him I had a very special Christmas wish that only he could fulfill.

My wish consisted of getting him to rid the world of all that was negative. This included all the hate, all the wars, all the senseless shootings, everything negative.

When I finished he smiled and shook his head in agreement.

I felt so safe and secure in the presence of this magical man. As I walked with the shop steward back to the factory’s entrance, I felt that my Christmas wish would be answered. The long trip back was filled with hope.

I am now writing this post to tell you about this experience and to let you know that I am eagerly waiting for Christmas morning.



I am the guy whose glass is always ½ full.




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