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One of the things I have learned over the years is the necessity of taking a personal inventory. I do this at various times throughout the year. The process is a very simple one. It requires that I sit in a quiet place and make a list of where I think I am in my life. This is not a list for everyone to see. This helps me to be as honest as I can with myself. When I finished writing and analyzing the list, I destroy it.

On a recent list I looked at my retirement plans. Soon I will become a part of the population that receives a pension check once a month. As a part of the list I ask myself questions like “Am I financially ready to retire?” Another question I asked is “Am I mentally ready to retire?” Most people don’t understand that both are important parts of the retirement process. I have 4 more years before I reach the time requirement of 30 years. I am already 5 years over the age requirement of 55. I find this to be a very exciting time and I look forward to getting prepared for this next chapter of my life.

Another thing I have been looking at is the progress of this blog. I really enjoy writing and I hope that I have written about subjects that have interested you. In the beginning I wasn’t sure how I would be able to find topics to write about every other week but after almost 4 years I found out that I have a great deal to say about positive parenting.

Positive parenting is something that I take very seriously. In fact I have been on a quest to make every experience in my life a positive one. I found that there is no time to dwell on whatever setbacks I have gone through. I have chosen to turn those events into stepping stones for my personal growth. I have learned over the years that it is important not to focus on the closed doors in my life. It is more important to move fearlessly toward the doors that have been opened.

During this same time while taking my inventory I could not help but think about how fast time has moved. Wendell Jr. will be 31this year. Deshawn just turned 19 and Jonathan will be 9 in May.

I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I want to return to the time when these guys were babies. I went through the process of changing diapers and heating formula. Although there is a 10 year gap between the 3, I have no desire to return to that period of time.

Instead I have chosen to cherish those memories. My only regret is what Wendell Jr. had to experience in his early life with a dad who was an active alcoholic and that he had to breathe in second hand smoke from a pack a day smoker. He stayed sick a lot during those times. His mother and I were always taking him to the doctor for an ear infection or a sore throat. It wasn’t until I had been sober and smoke free for a number of years that I realized how much damage that lifestyle had done to him. I thank God there is no permanent damage. He recently went to get a checkup at the family doctor and he received a clean bill of health.

For those who still smoke, STOP. Deshawn and Jonathan very rarely get sick and I attribute that to them living in a smoke free household. Don’t underestimate the dangers of second hand smoke.

Wendell Jr. has turned from that little boy who had ear infections to a grown man. He and his wife have blessed his mother and me with 3 beautiful grandkids. There would have been 4 but one went to be with God. They are now separated and I feel that the way they handled that loss is the reason why.

Deshawn is attending a business college here in NYC. It is exciting to watch as he learns new things that he will use as he makes this transition from teenager to manhood. I feel that at his age he needs constant attention. He doesn’t need help with the basics. He has that well under control. What I help him to work on is his thought process. All kids at some point in time feel they know more than their parents. The thing about being 19 is that they can act out on what they are thinking. I am always talking to him about those dangers that are around him and I think he is listening closely.

Jonathan recently spent his spring break vacation with me. I see him on these occasions and one weekend a month. It’s amazing how tall he gets each time we get together. At almost 9, he is too young to be thinking about career goals but it is still interesting when he talks about all the things he has learned. He has a large vocabulary for kid his age and at times I ask if he understands the words he uses. It’s fun listening to him as he explains their meanings, sometimes in great detail.

I enjoy the time I spent with my kids and I want the readers of this post to realize that time will wait for no one. We are already in the fourth month of the year. Wasn’t New Year’s just yesterday? As positive parents we have to make the most of what we have in front of us because in a blink of an eye that time has passed.

I am the guy whose glass is always ½ full.


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