Here in the NYC area there are many who are still affected by Hurricane Sandy. The hardest hit areas such as The Rockaways’, both coastlines in Long Island, Staten Island, and southern Brooklyn.  There are many buildings in these areas that will have to be destroyed. In lower Manhattan there are a few subway stations that had so much water damage that they may not open until next year.

I have never seen a storm hit with such force. Some predict that storms of this nature will happen more regularly. I applaud the local and state officials. Their actions saved many lives that would have been lost.

Most of my family was not affected seriously by Hurricane Sandy. Most of my inconvenience was very minor. Since the complex I live in has its’ own power plant, we didn’t lose any electric power. My #2 son stayed with us for a week because the electricity in his neighborhood (Hempstead) was knocked out because high winds toppled some trees. In addition, I was just made aware that my daughter-in-law and my three grand kids were forced to live in a shelter in the Bronx because their home was damaged. She lived in Far Rockaway. I will be contacting her today to see how I can help her.

For many who are affected, this will be a Thanksgiving to remember.  Some will be able to have that nice dinner with family. Some will spend this time cleaning and repairing the damage caused by the storm surge and high winds. There will be others who will begin the process of restarting their lives because Sandy left them with nothing.

We will have to say a prayer to those families who lost love ones. There is one heart breaking story about a mother in Staten Island who lost both of her kids as they were swept away by the raging ocean water.

For me, I will use this time to be thankful for all that is around me. Except for those two incidences, my family has remained intact.

Tomorrow, November 19, I will celebrate my 60th birthday. I am very thankful to reach this milestone. I am also happy that despite all that I have been through, I am in pretty good health. I do need to lose a few pounds and watch my cholesterol.

This date has become my New Year and with each year that has passes I take a look at all the pluses and minuses. There are some things that happened that I have given thumbs up. There are those other events that not only deserve thumbs down but, I wish I could put them in the “I wish it never happened” closet.

I spend a lot of time looking at how to improve my condition. I don’t look at those minus times as periods of failure. In fact I feel that if looked at properly mistakes can be windows for improvement. I feel that if those things were placed in the “I wish it never happened closet”, I would never been made aware of the growth that took place as a result of that incident.

I have written in many other posts that I feel strongly that my kids watch me a lot closer than they listen to me. For that reason I am always looking for the positive side of life. Positive parenting is something I write about but it also something that I put into my daily life. Every day that I blessed to wake up, I look forward to what the day will bring. This goes on regardless if there are negative or positive things going on around me. I choose not to live in a world of doom and gloom.

I feel that the doom and gloom attitude that I had in the past is the reason why my life was always incomplete. I have learned over the years that I can’t see well if my head is always down. I do need to be aware of the potholes that may be out there but by holding my head up, I feel that I not only can see that problem but I can also see those paths that are clear. This type of thinking helps me because life is nothing without hope.

Every morning (at 6:11 AM) and every afternoon (at 4:11 PM) I post a positive saying on Twitter and my Facebook page. My goal is promote positivity. I am the guy with the glass that’s ½ full. I feel that by keeping a positive attitude it will help me get through those tough times in life. More importantly it will show my kids how to tackle those problems they will face.

The object of my thinking is that if your glass is not ½ full, you are looking at it wrong. I feel that you must keep turning that glass around until you will get a different perspective and come to the conclusion that, yes, my glass is ½ full.

It is important not to deceive yourself. There were times in my life when the glass I was using was broken. No matter how much I put in that glass, the fluid of life was always running out of it. The glass will never be filled.

Sometimes we become so attached to our personal objects that they hold us back. In my case I had to learn how to put that broken glass on the shelf with my other antiques. I then went to the $.99 store and bought another glass. I did not need an expensive glass from Waterford. All I needed was a solid glass that no cracks.

This is not magic. My view of the glass won’t change the situation or make it something it is not. What it does is help me to look at things objectively and without fear.

What I am actually doing is just holding on until that right moment when God feels I am ready for the solution. When I get it, I can move on.

With the rebuilding effort I see in the affected areas of Hurricane Sandy, I feel that many have adopted this attitude.

I will continue to have them in my prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving!!






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