Once upon a time there was a young man who had everything to look forward to. The whole world was at his fingertips. It didn’t hurt that he was also very good looking and smart. It seemed that whatever he put his mind to, he could accomplish.  He had the perfect wife, two perfect kids and he lived in the most perfect part of town. In his mind this life would last forever.

It all began to change when a mysterious black cloud began to hover over him. At first the cloud was very small, but over time the cloud grew so large that he never saw the sun again.  Each morning when he woke up he was faced with having to live another cloudy day.

Over time this cloud began to affect him. His world was no longer perfect. It was no longer in the Palm of his hands.  He discovered that his wife of many years was not as perfect as he thought. To make matters worse he began to see flaws in his kids that made him wonder if they were possessed.

The one thing that broke the camel’s back is when THAT guy moved in next door. In his mind THAT guy destroyed his perfect neighborhood.  That guy didn’t throw wild parties nor was he overly rude. It was his presence that made the former perfect one uncomfortable.

Late one morning there was a knock on the door. It was THAT guy. He let him in and before he knew it THAT guy had grabbed him by the arm and took him to the back of the house.  When they arrived he saw something he never knew existed in his home. It was a big wall. As far as he could see to the right and to the left was this wall and in the middle was a door.

Before he could find out what was going on, THAT guy opened the door and   pushed him through it into a large hallway. As he regained his composure he watched the door close behind him. For 5 minutes he listened as each dead bolt lock clicked. He didn’t remember seeing those locks when he was on the other side.

For many days he tried everything he could think of to reopen the door. He kicked it, ran into it and banged on it as hard as he could. He hoped that someone on the other side would hear him. His attempts made him so tired that he slid down the door and sat on the floor. It was at this moment he realized that his life was over.

He remembered something a dear friend said to him many years earlier.  He told him “When one door closes another one opens but, it can be hell waiting in the hallway”.

Since he was already at the closed door, he began looking for the door that was open and there it was, on the other side of the hallway. The door was open just enough to see that there was a bright light in another room.

He did not move toward the open door. He so loved what was on the other side of the closed door. He just sat there, wishing he could be on the other side. There were times when he thought he heard someone calling his name. On another occasion he thought he heard a noise that sounded like someone was unlocking the door. All of this was nothing more than his imagination playing tricks on him.

He sat at the closed door for many years. He became very depressed and full of despair. He glanced over to open door and he wondered why hadn’t gone over there. He knew the answer and it was that he was afraid of what might be on the other side of that door. He also remembered what his friend told him,” That it could be hell waiting in the hallway”.  It became immediately clear what he had to do.

He gingerly walked over and swung the door open. What he saw amazed him. Inside the other room was a blue sky filled with so much hope and positive thinking. As he looked around, he began to wonder why he was so afraid. This is the place he definitely needed to be. He was filled with so much joy and happiness. He was even able to reunite with his wife and kids. He told them about his recent experience. His wife kissed him on the forehead and went back to shopping online; his kids patted him on the back and continued playing video games.

The one thing he learned was that once a door closes it is best to move to the open door as soon as possible. He should have never wasted his time dwelling on the past. The days that are gone, are gone. He learned that embracing change (this is what the open door represents) is what will keep his life filled with excitement and hope.

When one door closes another one opens but, it can be hell waiting in the hallway.



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