New York City 026 300x225 POSITIVE PARENTING   ALONE BUT NOT LONELYRecently in the news there were reports of people who had committed suicide and in their desperation took the lives of their children. I can’t imagine what the thought process must have been just before those acts were performed.  I am never critical of those who choose that path because I do understand that some peoples suffer from all kinds of mental illness. I really thank God that I have never been in that situation. I was in therapy for about 4 or 5 years.  That experience helped me and I recommend it for those who think they need it. During one of the sessions, the therapist described what depression was and he said that in some cases people experience a chemical imbalance which causes this condition. He went on to say that other causes of depression are directly related one’s inability to get one’s way. What this means is that I have the potential to be depressed when the world is not doing what I want it to do.

In my own life, I have had situations when I wasn’t sure where my life was going. During those times I can remember the feelings of utter desperation. Although I never thought of taking my life there are times when I thought my life would remain in a rut and that I would never be able to get out of it.  It didn’t help that during some of those times I was caught in the throngs of alcohol and drug abuse. I wonder if these things played any part in those news stories. Any mind under those kinds of influences cannot perform properly. It was during those days while I was in many drunken stupors that I felt the most alone. Even after I was able to escape the clutches of those addictions, there was still this dark hole that existed around me. I want to add that I my escape was not done completely by myself. I thank God for my family and others who helped me through those times.

After ending my relationship with those terrible habits, I spent many years trying all the self help techniques in an attempt to fill the void that existed in my life. After all, I got involved with those things to fill that void.

My mom had worked for a book publisher and she would bring home many good books. Some of them autographed. One day she gave me a book and I just put it away with the many others she had given me.  During the network marketing stage of my life, I searched my pile to find that book.   The name of the book is “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice”. The authors were Napoleon Hill and Dennis Kimbro.  I learned sometime later that “Think and Grow Rich” was originally written in 1937. Napoleon Hill saw the need for such a reading.  This book really changed my life.

This book explained the need to change the way we look at things.  I learned that the most compelling influence in my life is the thoughts that go on between my ears. The choices are mine. I could choose to think negatively or positively.

By choosing to think positive, I find that my life has a new meaning.  I know longer see the glass as ½ empty. I see it always as ½ full.  With this outlook I see the world as a place of continual opportunities. Even when things are not going my way, I have the hope that these things will work themselves out. Although there are times when I am alone, there are few times when I feel lonely. I wonder if this book could have helped the people in those news reports.

On November 2, 2011 I will be 20 years sober. Yea!!



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