New York City 345 300x199 POSITIVE PARENTING   THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORTTwo years ago I started this web site, I Love Being a Dad. To tell the truth I created this with the idea of kick starting my tee shirt and card business. I had been selling custom made shirts and greeting cards to my coworkers for a few years. I felt that I had good responses from them so I thought this idea would do well on line. The only problem with selling things on line is that you need to be known to be successful. I then began to research the ways to start a website.

In order to get ideas on how to start a website, I went to the most obvious place to get information, the web. The sites I visited all suggested that I start a blog. I found one website that explained everything in detail. Their thinking was that I use the site to talk about something that I was passionate about. The idea is that I would get traffic to my site based on the quality and consistency of my writing.   The only problem that was left was to come up with a subject that I was passionate about. This is when the idea for I Love Being a Dad came to mind. This is the one subject I felt that I could talk about in depth.

At first I thought I would only try to attract all the fathers in the world and give them a forum to express their views. I changed this because I felt that in order for me really look at parenting I had to explore the complete parenting picture. I soon adopted the theme of positive parenting.  I didn’t want to discuss the negative aspects of child rearing. I feel that there are enough websites out there with that in mind. I wanted to highlight only positive child rearing experiences.

I have never claimed to be an expert in this area. I have a degree (an Associate of Arts degree from Cuyahoga Community College) but it is not in the field of child rearing.  I use this blog to talk about my personal experiences in helping to raise three boys. I use the word help because even though I am no longer with the mothers who gave birth to these kids, their input into their growth is just as important as mine.

In the past two years I have tried to truthfully talk about my experiences. I wanted to use this site as a means through which we can compare notes.  I remember when my oldest was born. I stepped away to use the bathroom and when I returned the nurses were handing me this baby to hold.  What I don’t remember is any of the hospital personnel giving me a manual on how to raise this child. For each of my kids this has been a process of trial and error. I give a lot of credit to my dad because he demonstrated great examples on what I should do. Those include not being your child’s best friend, discipline and a host of other practices.

Talking about my positive parenting experiences has helped me to look at myself and I hope that it has offered some hope to you, that you too can be a positive parent. I want to thank all those who have taken the time to read my posts and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.



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