New York City 438 199x300 POSITIVE PARENTING   STAYING HEALTHYAs a positive parent, I feel that health care for my kids is very important.  There’s nothing worse than having one or two sick children in the house. Their sickness can spread through a house like wildfire, attacking everyone in its path.  It can take weeks to get everyone back to good health.

Some sicknesses, in my opinion, are preventable.  For example, by having my kids wear the proper clothing in cold weather will help prevent them from getting colds or the flu. Obviously, I can’t protect them from other sick kids at school. I can only be responsible for the preventative measures that I take.

Another great way to keep my kids from getting sick is to make sure they get the proper nutrition and rest.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I make sure that my kids eat. I feel that full bellies keeps their resistance levels high and it helps them to be clear minded, ready to grasp the day’s lessons.

In an earlier post, I described my ignorance about second hand smoke. As a smoker, I had no clue that I was the cause of my oldest son’s sore throats and ear infections. I am happy to report that since I stopped smoking 15 years ago none of my other children suffer from second hand smoke issues.

I take my kids to the doctor for their check up.  It’s important for us and the doctor to be aware of their health issues.  This way we can work together to work on any problem areas.

 In my quest to keep my kids healthy, I sometimes neglect my own health. It is important that I stay on top on what’s going on with my body. As an African-American male over the age of 50, there are many health facts that I need to be aware of:

  1. Prostate cancer affects 1in 9 African-American men over 50.
  2. African-Americans are twice as likely as whites to develop diabetes.
  3. 40% of African-Americans have high blood pressure.
  4. African-Americans have the highest rates of colorectal cancer.

These facts dramatize the necessity of taking my health as serious as I do my children.  I used myself as an African-American just an example. These issues could affect any one of us.  I’m sure we could pick any ethnic group to see what health issues are dominant for that group.

This past summer I took my 2nd colonoscopy. The 1st one I took 5 years ago and the doctor found 3 polyps. This time he found 6 polyps. At each test the polyps were removed and found to be non-cancerous. The increased number shows how important this test is. It also shows that by going to the doctor regularly, I may be able to prevent serious health issues.

 As positive parents we need to be around long enough to see our kids grow up and help them with their kids. To make this possible we need to make sure that we focus on keeping our kids and ourselves healthy.


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