New York City 012 300x225 POSITIVE PARENTING: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010The time has come again when we put our hearts and souls into buying the perfect Christmas gifts.  I am the type of person who waits until the last moment to start buying.  I do this because I love the Christmas crowds and I feel that the best bargains are available the closer we are to the holiday. I almost always spend cash.  This way when this holiday is over, it’s really over. It also helps me to stay within a budget.  I have a predetermined amount that I spend on each person. For the older kids I give cash, this way they can get exactly what they want.  The younger kids give me list and I do my best to get their top 2 or 3 things.  This becomes tricky for any positive parent because we all fear that before Christmas day is over, these kids will totally disregard their new expensive gifts and return to play with their old toys or the box the new toy came in.  

I truly believe that at some point in time, children should know the truth about Santa. I don’t want my kids to give credit to an imaginary character for the gifts they received.  It is important, in my opinion, for them to know that it is through hard work, sacrifice and an enduring love for them that these gifts are bought. They must know because it is realistic, that they may not be able to get all the gifts on their list.   It must be understood that this year I may not be able to afford it. I try to instill in my kids that our being together is much more important than any gifts that will be exchanged. I want them to know that every day is Christmas and our love for each other is worth more than any gift.

I recently informed everyone about my mom’s battle with dementia.  For her own safety and well being, we had to place her in a nursing home.  At first we all felt uncomfortable with this decision. We felt as if we failed her. Once we were able to put aside our egos and our selfishness, we came to realize that this grand lady needs and deserves to get the best care that is available. My dad did a great job taking care of her for the almost 2 years since her stroke, but it is time now for her to move on to the next level. Since she’s been there we see a marked improvement in her well being. The other thing that stands out is that we as a family have gotten a lot closer.  There is an old saying that when one door closes another one opens.  Her mental state may never return to what it once was but this family will become stronger as a result of it.  This will make this Christmas one that I will always remember.

Don’t waste another moment. Right now. I mean right now, tell the ones close to you how much you love them.

Merry Christmas!!



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