New York City 173 300x225 POSITIVE PARENTING   A SPECIAL THANKSGIVINGAs a positive parent the Thanksgiving holiday is something I look forward to. I’ve been writing in this blog for a little over a year and I’ve really enjoyed telling you about my experiences as a parent.  This year will be especially important because of the health issues my mother is going through.  Almost a year and a half ago she suffered a stroke.  She was in the hospital for over a month and we didn’t know whether or not she was going to make it.  The doctors and nurses at Jamaica Hospital (Jamaica, NY) did a great job of getting her healthy enough to come home.

Although she was able to recover there was a side effect of the stroke that we were all concerned about.  She now suffers from dementia.  When she first came home we could see a slight difference in her mental ability.  In recent months it seems that this condition has greatly accelerated itself.  She is now at a point where it is difficult for her to do the simple things such as dressing herself.

After reading the information at the Alzheimer’s website, I began to understand that her condition is one that will get worse with time. I deeply hope that we will never have to put her in a nursing home, but it seems inevitable.  I am now comfortable (after a year of denial) that we will have to do what is best for her, even if it’s something we don’t want to do.

When I think of my positive parents, I think they will live on forever.  The reality is that they are both getting older (my mom is 81, my dad is 86).  The reality is that I’m also getting older  and maybe it’s time for me to begin to put my own mortality into perspective.

The one thing I’ve watched them do, for the past 30 years, is go to the doctor.  I strongly believe that their present health condition is directly related to them keeping up with their doctor visits.  I am also very grateful that they have adequate health insurance so they visit whatever specialist they need to see. This is especially comforting in this time when health care is on the minds of the whole nation.

I have also begun a routine of going to the doctor and getting those tests that are required for a 58 year old.  This means getting a colon exam (had my second this year) and getting those blood tests that will tell the doctors if there are any problems.

This Thanksgiving I will give thanks to God for giving me these positive parents who have spent their lifetime setting a great example of what positive parenting is all about. This year we are not going to eat as if we are out of control.  We will enjoy this Thanksgiving by keeping our cholesterol, our calorie intake and our blood sugar levels in the forefront of our minds.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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