New York City 505 199x300 POSITIVE PARENTING IS A FOREVER JOBI can remember clearly when all of my kids were born. My first was born in Cleveland, Ohio. The other two boys were born here in NYC. My stepdaughter was 16 or 17 when I first met her, so I was not around for her birth but she was also born here in NYC. 

The three boys took a long time to get here. Their mothers (son 1 and 2 with my ex-wife, son 3 with my present wife) were in labor for a lot of hours. When those magic moments of birth took place, I could not have been any happier.  It was and still is amazing how these little bodies are formed and come into this world.  The birth of a baby is the true miracle of life. I give tremendous credit to all women who give birth because I know that their bodies and minds go through a lot to bring about these miracles.

 Being around these babies were the happiest days of my life.   It seems as if it were yesterday that I was sterilizing bottles, and changing diapers. Even at those moments I realized that my life was changing and hopefully changing for the better. It became clear that now there were these kids in my sphere of influence and I must do everything to insure that their lives were as positive as possible.  The only regret I have is that during my oldest son’s young life, I was not aware of the dangers of second hand smoke.  That poor kid kept sore throats and ear infections. It wasn’t until I stopped smoking 10 years later that I came to fully realize what a terrible habit smoking is. This is when I began to understand what positive parenting is.

 Positive parenting had to become a way of life. I could not be one of those parents who practice “do as I say not as I do” mentality. These kids are affected by everything I do and I must make sure that they see positive behavior. Most kids react more to what they see than what they hear.

 Recently we have been all hearing about those monsters who try to beat little children into submission. These monsters should be put under the jail.  I cannot imagine how a child could bring about such anger. To make matters worse, if these children survive these abuses, what will these children grow up to be. They will become adults who try to beat their children into submission.

 In order to raise children that will become useful members of society, positive parenting must be viewed as a job that will last forever. 



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