New York City 401 199x300 CHILD SUPPORTOver the seven years since being divorced there is one topic that comes up as I interact with other dads.  That topic is child support.  I’ve heard everything.  Some dads think that they shouldn’t pay.  Some dads think that the mom isn’t spending the money right. Some dads think that they are paying too much. Some dads even question if the kids are theirs.

Despite whatever we think, as positive parents it is our moral obligation to take care of our kids. This must be in effect whether we are with them or not.  We should not allow our kids to suffer because we are no longer in love with their mother.  We must get our minds clear and come to the realization that our kids didn’t ask to come here.  They are here because of the choices we made.

In this state (New York) as throughout the country there are strict rules regarding child support.  In this state these are the breakdowns   17% for one child.  25% for 2 children.  29% for 3 children.  31% for 4 children.  35% for 5 or more children.  These percentages are based on your gross pay (that’s before taxes).  The payments will go on until the child is 21 years old.

As a positive parent, I’ve been paying child support for the past seven years. In the beginning I had all feelings of the other dads I talked about earlier.  I soon came to realize that none of that mattered.  The only thing that was important was that I was doing what I was supposed to do.  That was taking care of my kid.  There are times when my finances are short because of my obligation. The one thing that is true is that I don’t have to look over my shoulder. I am not worried about the authorities coming after me.

Paying child support is our moral obligation to our kids.  If we claim to be positive parents we have to pay.

This is my opinion.  I would love to read what your opinion is.


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