Mr. Acosta, Jonathan, Miss Winderman

School’s out for summer. I really love that song by Alice Cooper.  As a child I could not wait for the school year to end.  It gave me all time I needed to play, play, and play.  It was a great feeling for the sun to be out until 9 or 10 pm.  Although, my parents never let me stay out that long, it was still nice to have a long day.  For two months I didn’t have to worry about doing homework or preparing for tests.  I could now focus on what was real important, being a kid.

 Although I wasn’t a great athlelete I used to have a lot of fun participating in all sports activities that were available.  In those days we had a lot city programs to keep us occupied.  There were basketball and softball tournaments and I remember spending one summer in North Carolina.  Those were the days. I look back and cherish all those great memories.

Jonathan, my youngest son, has just finished kindergarten.  As every positive parent, his mom and I were very nervous how his first year would be. We were concerned if he would get along with his teacher and how he would interact with his class mates.  We wanted him to be successful, even though this was just kindergarten and not the end of the world.

Our fears were laid to rest at the first parent-teacher meeting.  As a positive parent I am always concerned about the job that I’m doing.  It was at this meeting that I really saw how important it is for my child to be around a person who practices positive teaching.  From his first day Jonathan loved going to school.  As the school year progressed, his mother and I became very impressed with what he was learning and what he was able to do.  He started out not being able to read or write. By the year he was able to identify many simple words, have an understanding of some complicated words, and gain some skills in basic penmanship and a host of other skills.  Granted he’s not ready to read or write his first novel but, we saw a marked improvement from where he was to where he is right now. We give credit to his kindergarten teachers for the success he has experienced.

I want to thank Miss Winderman and Mr. Acosta. It is because of you that Jonathan had such a successful year.  You both are great examples of what positive teaching is all about.


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