New York City 344 199x300 EDUCATIONThe one thing that every positive parent wants is for his/her children to be successful adults.  Having a good education is a sure way to guarantee that success.  Most of us start when our children are very young. We stress the importance of being able to read, do arithmetic and to write somewhat legibly. Although these are the basic skills we understand that no one can move forward without them. Through these skills and their curiosity we hope that they can find their areas of interests and do the work that is needed that will help them to reach their goals.

When our children accomplish their goals, we are happy and hopeful that they will continue to move on.  We have elaborate parties when they graduate from elementary school.  We label them when they finish middle school.  At the completion of high school we feel that their success is a done deal.

The one thing that we must do in addition to their formal schooling is to give them an education in awareness.  Growing up in a major city my parents continually wanted me to be aware of what my surroundings were.  During those times there were no such things as cell phones or ipods to distract me. In those days the distractions took place in between my ears.  Their goal was to make sure that I remained in the NOW. Being in the NOW requires that I am aware of what’s going on at this moment. Paying attention when I cross the street so I didn’t get hit by cars.  Being able to see far enough ahead of me so that I wouldn’t walk into any type of altercation. It wouldn’t matter that I had an A average if I allowed what was going on around me to hurt me.   Of course there are those times when things happen and nothing could have saved me.  I’m not talking about those times.  My main focus is about those things I have control over.  Like crossing the street.

Through the course of the day I can count many times when I see young people just not paying attention. Some have the ipod so loud or are so engrossed in that phone call that it’s no wonder they can’t cross the street safely or hear that fire truck coming down the street.  When I’m with my kids I make them take those things out of their ears or at least turn the volume down.  I need for us to be aware of each other.  As a positive parent I feel that it is my responsibility to train my kids about being aware of what’s around them.   ……..I have to go now.   My favorite song is playing on my ipod.

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