New York City 192 225x300 EQUAL TREATMENTOne of the greatest challenges of being a positive parent is learning how to interact with my kids. Dealing with 4 different personalities can be difficult at best.  Each kid has his/her own unique talents and I feel it is my job to make sure that these talents don’t go to waste.

My parents were great examples in this area.  I learned from them that each kid must be treated equally. There can be no favorites. Showing favorites can be a destructive element in a family. This can be the driving force that split families apart. I have seen this happen many times in many families.

It is important that every kid receive the same treatment.  Just because he/she is having problems now doesn’t mean that  situation will last forever.  The same holds true for the kid who appears to be successful. Each event(s) should not be used as a measuring tool for that kids’ life.  At a later date, either or both kids could be great asset(s) for the family.

I never compare one kid to another.  I never say  “You should be like ….”.  Each kid should be accepted for who they are.  If one wants to be a doctor, fine. If one of the other kids wants to work for the city sanitation department, that’s fine too.  As a positive parent I feel that I must work to keep their playing fields as even as possible.  I give them what basics I can and leave the key life choices to them.  My goal is to produce positive members of society.


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