New York City 006 300x225 STRESSLearning to deal with stress has become a necessary part of adult life.  In this new age of fast moving information, it has become even more important for our kids to deal with this issue. As an adult I have learned to be very mindful of the effects of stress.  It has been known to bring about a whole host of illnesses and could even lead to death.

I teach my kids to learn to be patient during those stressful situations.  They must learn to understand that the situation doesn’t mean that the world is  coming to an end.  By being observant and by not panicking they will most likely be in a better position to survive what ever the situation is.  For most kids this concept is a difficult one for them to grasp. Their lack of experience gives them a very shallow view of what life is about.

As positive parents, it becomes our job to get this message through to them. I feel that by dealing with stress properly a lot of mistakes can be avoided. For example, if my kids and I walking down the street and we see a group of people or a stray dog or any other possible stressful situation approaching us, I don’t wait until the last moment to discuss with my kid how I feel about it.  The moment I’m aware of the situation, I feel it is my responsibility to make him/her aware also.  There is nothing worse than having everyone NOT on the same page. By discussing it, a plan of action can be developed (if it’s needed) and we could both get out of the situation unscathed. This type of thinking is what I encourage my kids to do. It is my opinion that some stress could be eased simply by being aware of the surroundings. Being prepared in the best stress reliever.

Peer pressure, I feel, is the most common reason for stress within our kids.  Our kids must learn that it’s not necessary to always agree with their peers.  Of course there are those times when fitting in is OK.  Our kids must be taught that they don’t have to make impulse decisions on questionable issues (sex,drugs, smoking, you add the rest).  We must teach them that it’s OK to say no.  They must learn that doing those questionable things is more stressful than not doing them. They don’t have to be stressed out just so they can fit in.

Learning how to deal with stress is an ongoing practice and the earlier our kids learn this, the better they will be able to handle all the thing that life will throw at them.

This is my opinion. I’d love to read about what you’re thinking.  Don’t forget this weeks poll.


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