New York City 332 199x300 PROBLEM SOLVINGAs adults we learn how to handle problems.  We learn that these problems can range from financial  to relationships to fixing the car.  We learn that some problems are very serious while others don’t need our immediate attention. As positive parents we must find ways to teach our kids how to handle their problems.

I have broken problems into 3 categories.
1. Serious problems
2. Not so serious problems
3. Problems that can not be solved or works in progress.

I don’t want to give examples of these because I feel problems are relative. A serious problem to me might be a work in progress to you. What I do want to talk about is the way I’m showing my kids to handle each one.

As  young man the one lesson I learned from my dad is that when problems come up, he should be the first one to know about it.  The reasoning here is that as a positive parent, the sooner  I know what’s going on the sooner it can be dealt with.  I don’t spend a lot of time lecturing on what my kid should have done.  I only focus on the problem at hand. There will be plenty of time to lecture later.  I need them to understand that they should not decide what category to put their problem in. I feel that their lack of experience will most likely give them the wrong solutions.  By coming to me I teach my kid what true team work is all about.

This is what the professional sports teams do.  When the momentum swings( a problem), the coach( the positive parent) calls a time out. He then outlines a plan or a series of plans to change the momentum( solve the problem).  Some times he has to call many time outs to talk about the same problems or new ones as they come up.

As time goes by the team player builds complete trust in that coach.  As positive parents we must teach our kids that this trust must be in us.  They have to understand that I am the best one to  help solve their problems.  No one out side the family will be able to understand my kid better than me.

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