As adults we learn how to handle problems.  We learn that these problems can range from financial  to relationships to fixing the car.  We learn that some problems are very serious while others don’t need our immediate attention. As positive parents we must find ways to teach our kids how to handle their problems.… Read More

All children need to be taught about responsibility.  This is  a skill that does not comes naturally.  It starts from the time when they are little babies.  We teach them that there are consequences for their actions.  If they behave badly they get punished.  If they show positive behavior they get rewarded.  In the end… Read More

When I was a young man growing up in the Albany Projects in Brooklyn, New York there were a lot of city and government programs that I could participate in.  These programs were pretty diverse.  They covered everything from sports to art.  As the economy began to turn and corruption became the catch word these… Read More

Kids should never be left alone.  With young children this is obvious. Their reasoning  can lead them to make the wrong conclusions.  As parents we need to be constantly with them or have them with an adult who can be trusted.  Parents are the problem solvers.  Our kids look to us to provide the guidance… Read More

In one of my earlier posts I talked about the importance of positive speaking.  I always felt that the way I speak to my kids can determine what kind of relationship I  have with them and it will also determine what kinds of relationships they have with other people.  If I curse allot there’s a… Read More