New York City 106 300x192 POSITIVE PARENTING: MY KIDS KNOW THAT IM SANTA.We’re at that time again when we celebrate Christmas.  I think that for some parents this must be the most stressful time of the year.  With the high unemployment rate, many parents will make the decision that eating is more important than gift buying.  The rest of us will go deep in debt in order to please our kids.  The cost of some of these items are very high.  A game console can cost $300 or $400.  If you include the games (most of these come game less) the price can go up another $100 to $200.  This is for one kid.  How can you afford to buy anything for your other kids?

I remember when I was young and how I was filled with the anticipation of receiving gifts.  I remember clearly that I would try to stay up as long as possible to catch a glimpse of Santa.  The one thing that I wanted to see was how would he get down the chimney since we didn’t have one.  We lived in public housing.  I never was able to stay up but when I did awake the presents for my sister, my brother and I,  would be neatly arranged under the Christmas tree.  I know my parents must have greatly enjoyed watching us opening our gifts.  I greatly enjoy watching mine. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found out that my dad was unemployed during some of those years. My mom was  homemaker.  During the time he did work he said he would take on part time jobs to make sure that he would be able to get some of the things that we had on our lists.  Those were great  times and I thank my parents for all they did to make those holidays filled with wonderful memories.

When my oldest son was very young I felt that telling him the truth about Santa was the best thing to do.  I felt that he needed to understand where the money for all these toys came from.  I also wanted him to know about the sacrifice that took place in order to buy these gifts and that I may not be able to get everything on his list right now.  Gift giving should not be limited to Christmas.  There were times he would get into arguments with other kids about Santa and I asked him keep this idea between us.  My intent was not to change the world or impede on any one’s beliefs.  I wanted to control my spending and still have a great holiday.  When I introduced this to my second son his only concern was that something would be under the tree for him (LOL).  My third son at 5 is just beginning to grasp Christmas and I intend to tell him the truth.  That I’m Santa and that his mother is Mrs. Clause.

I feel that being truthful with our kids is how we build meaningful relationships with them.  The idea of Christmas is a great one.  I would guess that most of us don’t limit our gift giving to Christmas.  Therefore I feel that we should not put extra pressure on ourselves by letting an imaginary being take credit for our hard work and sacrifice.  By letting our kids know these truths gives them a better understanding of how much we really love them.

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