It seems like yesterday that I was wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  2009 has come and is almost gone.  The year moved so fast.  There were many major events in my family.  My mom had a stroke in April ( She’s OK now),  my 23 year old daughter gave birth to her second daughter, … Read More

The time has come again to put up the Christmas tree and find hiding places for the toys.  This is the first year that my 5 year old is  aware of what the holiday means.  Since October he’s been showing his mom and I every toy that he sees in the catalogs we receive.  I… Read More

As I’m getting older I find that my perspective on patience has changed.   I no longer think it’s a crime that I  move slower.  If I can’t complete all the goals I’ve set for one day, I put them on a list for another day.  Patience is my ability or inability to deal with time. … Read More

We’re at that time again when we celebrate Christmas.  I think that for some parents this must be the most stressful time of the year.  With the high unemployment rate, many parents will make the decision that eating is more important than gift buying.  The rest of us will go deep in debt in order… Read More