New York City 163 300x225 POSITIVE PARENTING:  HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!We’ve come to that time of the year when we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for.  All my family members are experiencing good health.  My mom, in the beginning of the year, suffered a stroke.  Today she is doing much better.

The one thing that I’m most thankful for is that I was allowed to wake up and experience another day.  Sometimes in the midst of life’s issues I take this important fact for granted.  I forget that some didn’t wake up this morning.  I forget that despite all these issues, I have a chance to either correct them or enjoy them.

As a positive parent i think that this is a great time to tell all my family members just how much I love them.  I don’t just do this at this time of the year.  My mom started this tradition many years ago.  At the end of any conversation we always close by saying “I love you“.  We really don’t know if we will ever get this chance again.  My mom makes us realize that everyday is special and should never be taken for granted.

This is the perfect time to reach out to those family members that we have become estranged with.   We should not focus on what caused the estrangement.  We should only take responsibility for our part of it and work hard to mend those wounds.  It’s a  shame how many families are apart and they don’t even remember what it was that separated them.

To all those positive parents in the world.  STOP what you’re doing.  Call all your family members and tell them how much you love them right now!! DON”T wait until later.  Later may be to late.  Enjoy this moment you have with them.  Don’t let anything or anyone keep you apart.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!



  • Hi, first time reading the boards love the blog. I agree with your comments regarding spanking. Due to my own history growing up of physical abuse I stayed away from any sort of physical disciplining with my first 2 children and grew to regret it when they hit their teen years. Now with my newborn, I’ve come to realize that spanking in light moderation is not the same as the physical (and mental)abuse me and my brother were subjected to as children and is a tool to instill discipline and respect. I have the respect of my first 2 children but boy are they not disciplined.

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