There were times in my experience as a parent when I became very angry with my kids. In most cases this anger was due to them not doing something I wanted them to do.  I’ve learned over those years that what was most important was how I expressed my anger to them.  I always felt… Read More

We’ve come to that time of the year when we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for.  All my family members are experiencing good health.  My mom, in the beginning of the year, suffered a stroke.  Today she is doing much better.… Read More

Have you ever had the situation where you witnessed a kid out of control and the parent was at a loss? They didn’t know what to do. I’ve seen this play out many times in my lifetime and each time I was so close to intervening, but I couldn’t.  This did not concern me.  It… Read More

I think that I”ve had the most wonderful life.  It all began when I was very young.  My parents gave me a pill and it made me the most perfect person in the world.  I got the highest grades in school.  I went to the most prestigious college in the country.  I even married the… Read More