New York City 307 199x300 I CANT BE MY KIDS BEST FRIEND.The one thing that I hate to see is my kids unhappy.  Sometimes their happiness is directly related to what I let them do or not let them do.

I learned from my dad that there has to be some separation between my kids and me.  What this means is that I must always be in parent mode.  This is not to say that I won’t let my kids voice their opinion, have fun with them and in some cases let them make some decisions.

I must be very careful not to get into a people pleasing role with my kids.  I must make decisions that reflect my role as a parent.  I can’t make a decision that would put them in danger for fear that they might dislike or be angry with me.

I have to have develop the skills to see into the future.  Is what I’m letting them do going to help them grow or hinder them?  This is where the separation comes in.  As a parent I must be able to make good choices.

After all my kids will go through these same experiences with their kids.  What will they do?  Will they  make those decisions that will keep our grand kids in eternal happiness?  I hope not. Their decisions, I hope, will be based on sound reasoning.

Our kids( grand kids ) have to know who is the parent.

I love being a dad.

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