New York City 329 300x199 I LOVE BEING A DAD.My name is Wendell Jordan Sr. and I love being a dad.

My reason for starting this blog is to talk about fatherhood. I have 4 kids and have enjoyed every minute I’ve been with them.  This is not to say that there have not been some rough moments but it still has been enjoyable all the same.

My dad instilled in me a way of thinking that included doing the right thing and setting the best example,  I could, for my kids.

For many years I thought that this kind of thinking was rare.

It wasn’t until I went to the Million Man March in October,1995,  that I saw and met many men who thought and acted the way my dad did.

Now I don’t believe that that this thinking is so unique.  There must be men all around the world who feel and act this same way.
I’d like to hear from you to share your stories, your experiences and your advice.

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